Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wood Stacking Day

No exciting bike rides today. . . we spent our evening stacking wood. We had a very generous cord of oak delivered today. Ben was a huge help stacking and hauling wood. The truck couldn't dump in our back yard so the wood was dumped at the end of the drive and we moved the pile to the back to be stacked in it's proper place. This short vid shows what a great help Ben was. And a special thanks to Nana too!!! After stacking the wood Ben and I went shopping for a new video camera to make this a better blog - we are still shopping.


  1. This entire blog is awesome! Did Ben go to acting/broadcasting school? Seems like he did!

  2. Thank again Ben for taking the lead with helping out last night. We will enjoy our Friday night fires all fall and winter. Love you!!