Saturday, September 18, 2010

East Providence Cycle

The sign I painted in 1972ish
I know we mention East Providence Cycle a lot in this blog.  Now seems a good time to throw out a couple of stories. The sign in the picture above was painted by Pappa in 1972 or 1973 and I traded it for some bike parts (if memory serves me correctly I got racks and bags) That was the period of time when my love for cycling had just begun. I had a small sign painting business going in Rehoboth, Mass and did signs for several bike shops. I went on to work as a sales person and mechanic at Somerset Bicycle, A.J Spokes and Rainbow Bicycles while building my house and going to college. Today we no longer live in Rehoboth but right here in beautiful East Providence, just about a half mile from East Providence Cycle so it is a very convenient shop. It is also a very good shop and the people who work there are friendly, cheerful and always helpful.  It gets five stars from Ben and Pappa.

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