Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flight Lesson number 3

Ben had another flight lesson on Saturday. We tried something new with the camera and placed it on the windshield looking back at Ben and his instructor Don. Unfortunately I didn't have the right mounting bracket and I forgot to reformat my card so it ran out of space very early into the flight. But we have a good take-off. Ben's concentration is impressive. Good going Ben!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Bikes

Ben and I just got new bikes...well at this point only Ben has his new one..I have a loaner until my bike comes in on Wednesday this week. There was a comedy of errors at the bike shop resulting in me getting a frame that was WAY too small for me, which I had said to them from the start, so the immediate remedy was a very long seat post..this turn out to be really silly. Ultimately they said they would get one for me in about six weeks but a few phone calls later and they found one in California and had it shipped - it is supposed to get here Wednesday. In the meantime they provided me with a decent road bike loaner so Ben and I can ride together.