Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Sunset Ride

What a beautiful ride on the East Bay Bike Path along the bay with the sun setting in the west. Even though we had the wind in our face on the ride down to the ice cream stand the ride was still perfect.  With the days getting shorter it seems as though our rides are getting shorter too. Today we rode just under seven miles and the average speed was confused on my iPhone cyclometer app as I kept forgetting to turn it off when we stopped. We really were flying on the way back with the wind at our backs - 16 - 18 mph! Ben's feet were flying!

Then we played on the hill - this is about the only hill on the length of this 14 mile path.

The ride map and stats are here - but I am beginning to doubt the accuracy of my iphone app.
BTW - The Dairy Bee on Bullocks Point Avenue in East Providence is a really good ice cream stand.... our favorite and nicely placed next to the bike path.


  1. LOVE IT! You guys sure have a great time! So great.

  2. LOVE IT! You guys are so darn cute. Benny has such a great time with his Papa.

  3. Love you safe and leave some ice cream for me!!
    xoxo Nana