Tuesday, September 14, 2010

EBBP - Tuesday Evening

Another great ride along the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence Rhode Island. Another trip down to the Dari Bee to have Ice Cream. Ben loves the soft serve twist in a cup... Pappa had a taste but is dieting so didn't get a cup of his own. Hopefully dieting and riding are a good mix. This was a shorter ride this evening than yesterday but when we got back to the car Ben decided to ride the hill a few more times making four round trips up and down the hill.  We are hoping to make a longer journey this fall down to Mattapoisett to visit Uncle Bobby. We have a route all planned out through Rehoboth, Dighton Freetown and so on with no major roads or traffic involved. Our average speed this evening was 13.5 mph.  Getting better.

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