Thursday, June 7, 2012

North River Finished

The North River all done
Ben finished his model of Fulton's paddle wheeler steamship the North River. Tonight she got her final coats of paint and stain, some rigging and put on her stand. (Pappa made the base as a surprise for Ben) This project is due on Monday so Ben still has a bit of time to finish it up and finish his presentation board. She has a brass tubing stack and a medicine bottle boiler and we even found a small anchor in our box of ship parts.

Looking at the bow

A proud captain

Painting the rooftops
Painting the roof of the forward cabin
Trimming the rigging - finger nail clippers work well 
Staining the deck
Trying to be very careful
Getting into the tight spots.
So this is likely the final installment of the North River Project. Thanks for stopping by.

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