Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making the North River

Fulton's North River 
Ben's homework assignment was to build a steamship 'of the colonial period' - but this is as close as we could come. when finished this will be a model of Robert Fulton's first working steamship, the North River, which sailed in 1807. We found some pictures online and I drew up some plans for Ben. He has been making this boat for his class project. I try to guide him but from time to time we both seem to get covered in glue - but we sure are learning a lot about paddlewheel steamships.

The bow planking
paddle wheel parts
Pappa holds while Ben glues
fitting a paddlewheel

the first fitting of both paddles

Sanding the stern

even more sanding

Paddle wheels with axle

The house and stack


  1. So proud of my son and my Dad. Such a lucky gal. Amazing work, you two!! Xo

  2. Very cool, some nice construction there buddy!!!