Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crabbing Skiff Part 2

Today Ben and Pappa spent another couple of hours working on the crabbing skiff. Here are a few photos from our work session. This first picture is the way we left off last time, with the centerboard trunk installed and trimmed.

Our first task today was to build and install the Mahogany seats and the mast step and king plank in the bow.

Then came the tedious bit of installing the chines

We also had to completely cover up all the detail work we had just made. 
We installed the decks fore and aft.

And then Ben cut 44 strips of 1/16" square stock for the ribs. These were then installed by both Ben and Pappa then trimmed and sanded flush with the sides.

So this is our progress for today and it is beginning to look like a boat! 
Ben may come over tomorrow evening and we will work on the skiff some more. 

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